Queen Chloe is leading the way on her walks, with AntinolⓇ joint support

Queen Chloe is leading the way on her walks, with AntinolⓇ joint support

Chloe didn’t want to get out of bed and was grumpy with everyone. Find out how AntinolⓇ supports her mobility and wellbeing and puts the wag in her tail!

By daphne mavroudi-chocholi

Written with love

Chloe is the queen of her household. She likes nothing better than snuggling down in her bed. She's a 10-year-old chihuahua and her owner Graciela admits that she can be a bit grumpy. 


“She's very happy doing what she does. She's kind of the Queen. She tells me when she doesn’t want to do something!”


A rescue, from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Chloe, like many chihuahuas, is rather opinionated. She likes to do her own thing, when she wants to, but Graciela thought that Chloe was becoming quite forceful in her opinions!


“I would take her to the door, and she wouldn’t even want to walk to the corner of the road.”  


Chloe didn’t want to leave the house. She had joint stiffness in her back and legs and was feeling grouchy. Graciela was worried so started to do some research into joint supplements that could support her joint health. 


“I tried one supplement, and it was ok but I wasn’t impressed. That was when I found AntinolⓇ  on Facebook. I looked at the website and the reviews, and I didn't see any negatives. So that gave me reassurance.”

“Vetz Petz say most owners see a difference in their pets. Well, I did! Within 14 days,  and soon she was up and out. She wants to go, wants to head out for a walk. It's very, very positive!”


Not only is Chloe out and about, but Graciela has noticed other differences. 


“She’s really alert. She's up and asking for her breakfast in the morning. And she’s happy, she even tolerates people! She used to just hate everything because of her joint stiffness.”


Chloe can be fussy, so Graciela has expected it to be tricky to get Chloe to eat her AntinolⓇ  capsules.


“In the beginning, I gave her a little spoon of yogurt with the capsule, but now I just put it on her dry food, and she’ll eat it. It’s amazing!”


Chloe and Graciela recommend AntinolⓇ  to everyone now, but what would they say to an owner considering trying it to support their pet’s mobility?


“Just get AntinolⓇ. It could help make your dog happy, and ultimately, you happy too!”

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