The Antinol Experience: Izzie & Alfie's Story

The Antinol Experience: Izzie & Alfie's Story

By Antinol Team

Swarthdale Stables is a small, family run yard and home to Kate, Ryan and their dogs Alfie (14 year old Sproker), Izzie (15 year old Patterdale/Collie cross), Molly (16 year old Patterdale Terrier) and Bramble (10 year old Patterdale Terrier).

Kate doesn’t mess around when it comes to quality. Her stables are the perfect example of this. Aimed to provide high grade DIY facilities with optional services tailored for horse owner and horse alike.

“When Ryan and I bought Swarthdale Cottage in 2014, there was a lot of work to be done. The livery yard was in a state of disrepair and the grazing land wasn’t much better. We have worked tirelessly over the last few years to make our yard a haven for horses and our dogs too. It is a safe and tranquil environment they can all relax in.”

All regulars to Swarthdale will be particularly familiar with Kate’s dog Alfie. He’s completely deaf and predominantly blind and so is always in his Hi Vis. Alfie has free rein of the yard and it’s neighbouring 20+ acres. So, everyone knows to keep an eye on him. Alfie and his “sister” Izzie’s (15 year old , Patterdale/Collie cross) had both previously suffered horrendously with osteoarthritis. Their journey with Antinol beginning back in December 2019.

“To be honest the pair of them had been slowing down for a while at that point and Alfie’s back legs were showing signs of giving out completely. I’d had them both on specialist kibble for elderly dogs as well as various other supplements. We were giving them Metacam as and when they needed it. I’d read up about Antinol and am quite familiar with most OA therapies through the work that I do. After reading the data on Antinol I was keen to put it to the test. By this point both dogs needed all the help they could get!”

With 13 horses and 4 dogs (no cats - “I’m just not that way inclined!”) Kate’s hands are quite full and her time limited.

“The greatest aspect of having all the land we own around the stables is that the dogs get to self-regulate and I’m never in the position of having to push them to move because of time limitations on when I can walk them. I’m not forcing them to do the ‘daily walk’ that their city counterparts might get. On good days they can have big treks and on slower days they just potter, but ultimately, they’re always on the move. With the Antinol capsules there has been no faff in getting the dogs to take it (they think it’s a treat) and the process of ordering by using my Vet’s code through the online store is very convenient, especially as the product comes straight to my door.”

It’s been amazing following Alfie and Izzie’s story. As a team we’ve especially loved seeing videos of Izzie running into the yard.

“Izzie has never been as spritely as Alfie, but she’d slowed down even more than usual prior to last year. Antinol seems to have given her that extra bit of lubrication to help her joints mobilise. It’s been amazing to see her get a little bit of her spring back. The video you saw was her coming through the gates and into the yard!”

At VetzPetz we often hear from pet owners dealing with the emotional turmoil of watching their cats and dogs lose their physical spark. However, OA need not be considered a terminal condition. In fact, with a multi-modal approach to osteoarthritis there is a lot that can be done to support our canine and feline friends with OA.

“At the heart of our yard is camaraderie. Everyone encourages everyone else and that goes for the dogs too. I’m not in denial and I know that the dogs are getting on. But for now, we can easily adapt to make the changes needed to enhance their later years, I want them to live their best lives and will do what is needed to support that.”

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