The Antinol Experience: Monty's Story

The Antinol Experience: Monty's Story

By Vetz Petz Team

The Antinol experience is all about helping to make petz great again, here is Monty's story.

It's a common misconception that Osteoarthritis is only a grey coat issue. However, referral data suggests that around 1 in 5 dogs (regardless of age) are affected by OA.

"At around 4 years old, for no apparent reason Monty began to limp. He'd not suffered an injury, the limp came on slowly and got progressively worse. We were back and forth to the vet and tried him on everything going, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually he was referred to a specialist. By 7 years of age it was so bad that a possible elbow replacement was suggested. By 8 years old he was so stiff we had no choice but to go ahead with the procedure."

Total elbow replacement (TER) is a procedure for animals that have not been responsive to standard comfort management and therapies. Therefore, it is not generally a first level response to OA. TER is an advanced surgical procedure and should only be performed by experienced orthopaedic surgeons.

"Monty's elbow replacement recovery took over 6 months with a combination of rehabilitation treatments including heat therapy. Immediately after surgery he was unable to walk and even 6 months post surgery he was still quite weak. So, it was suggested that Antinol be added to his recovery routine."

Antinol® is a natural joint support supplement containing PCSO-524® . The concentrated formula supports the natural anti-inflammatory action of the body’s metabolism, helping to keep joints healthy and to maintain mobility. Taken daily it can help a dog to maintain an active lifestyle and support joint metabolism.

"Monty turned 12 back in March, as he ages we're monitoring his movements. But, I'm thrilled with how much Antinol has helped my Monty and these days he walks much better than 8 years ago! Monty is a very sociable dog, we live by the coast and he loves nothing more than to walk by the beach and sunbathe in his favourite spot, waiting for people to stop by and say 'hi!' He's always been a good boy however, these days he has the drive to occasionally run off-normally after a girl! Last week he ran all the way to the Walmer Flats in persuit of a love interest; thats a good hike from where we live!" 

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